The Top Destinations For A Caravan Holiday in Scotland

When considering options for a great summer holiday, or a trip during any time of the year, many people consider lavish beach destinations with ritzy hotels and a wide variety of pampering services that will help them forget about their daily jobs, their obligations at home, and all of the reasons that they booked a trip in the first place. An equally large number of people, though, are just as interested in going out and being among nature for the duration of their holiday.

Caravan holidays are some of the most popular options for tourists who visit Scotland, largely on account of the stunning areas of rolling countryside and scenic destinations that make Scotland a fun, engaging, and memorable choice for families and individuals of all types. These caravan homes have basic amenities much like a lodge accommodation. The house is double glazed and centrally heated, with a small patio decked with folding chairs, tables, and other furniture fit for outdoors. Various types of portable heating is also available for rent. This includes cabinet heaters, oil fired heaters, and radiant heaters.

Some even have luxury wooden hot tubs that whole families can enjoy. For those who like being out in nature and away form the hustle and bustle of some of Europe's most popular destinations, there are a few great options for caravanning that will make memories and impress visitors throughout the duration of their stay in the country.

The number of potential destinations for a caravan holiday is pretty large, and it can be hard to choose just one location. Luckily, there are a few destinations that stand out among the competition as the most inviting, scenic, and engaging locations in the entire country. For those travellers planning an upcoming getaway, be sure to check out these locations for great scenery, activities, and relaxation.

1. Craig Tara

Located in Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland, this unique caravan experience is more than just the typical caravan and RV park that is most often found throughout Scotland. Indeed, those who choose to holiday at this unique location will find a multi-level indoor theme park that has all kinds of fun and exciting diversions for people of all ages. Because it's entirely enclosed, it's the perfect option for a rainy day or a chilly day that might not be good for sightseeing and local travel.

When an indoor park is not on the agenda, Ayr itself offers plenty of great experiences for travellers. The town itself is quite historic, with a population of just under 46,000 people. Local attractions are numerous, but the real sight to see here is the coastline and the great views that accompany the park's location. There is simply nothing more relaxing than Ayr's prime location and its stunning surroundings.

2. Caolasnacon Caravan and Camping Park

Perhaps Scotland's main attraction to visitors is its famous highlands, which are the subject of numerous folk songs and countless scenic photographs. Caolasnacon Caravan and Camping Park is located in a central part of this region of the country, and offers some of the most stunning mountain views. Best of all, the park offers both caravan and camping services, making it accessible to a far larger number of local travellers and international visitors.

3. Seton Sands

Located in Port Seton, this location is the perfect setting for families that are looking to soak up the summer sunshine and enjoy the beaches with as few reminders of home as possible. It's certainly true that Scotland is not often associated with prime beach weather or destinations, but Port Seton is a wonderful coastal community that offers walkable, enjoyable beaches and great weather during the summer months.

A caravan holiday along the coast, underneath the summer sun, is the perfect way to unwind and escape from life's daily routine. There is no better place to find such a vacation than the unique experience at Seton Sands.